Premium Glazing

Glazing is an important component to protecting your artwork. Glazing includes both glass products and acrylic plexiglass. Each type of glazing has a specific use and we recommend them according to client’s needs. For instance, if a client will be shipping the art across the country, we recommend using plexiglass – it won’t shatter if the delivery service has an “accident” with the art in transit.

Glass and plexiglass have several types. Non-glare refers to the surface of the glazing being slightly opaque – it cuts down on reflections by obscuring them. UV protective glazing provides 97% UV protection and up. In Florida, UV protective glazing is very important, as our wonderfully sunny climate tends to fade works of art very quickly.

Finally, we offer museum-grade anti-reflective, UV protective glazing products. These products, known as Optium Acrylic and Museum Glass, provide the highest grade of UV protection.

Additionally, they have an anti-glare coating, which is different than non-glare. Anti-glare products actually absorb reflections. Most people don’t even notice there is glazing there! We offer a wide range of glazing that can meet our client’s needs, from standard glass to museum-grade conservation glazing.

Example of premium glazing available at Gregory Frame Shop in Naples, Florida