Shadow Box Framing

Shadowbox framing refers to using a tall frame and setting the art back from the glazing, giving it depth. Shadowbox frames are often used to present three dimensional art and memorabilia. Some flat art is also presented in shadow boxes. The depth of a shadow box creates a strong sense of “pull” into the art for the viewer.

When making a shadowbox, the art is first “floated” – mounted onto a foam core and matboard backing. Shadow boxing uses strips along the inner edge of the frame to create a “lip” for the floated art to rest on. This way the art is set back from the glazing. At Gregory Frame Shop we use the same color matboard for floating the art and for the strips. This creates a seamless transition for your shadow box.

Shadow boxes can be very deep or shallow depending on the art being framed. Most shadow boxes are a minimum of 1/2″ deep, and can range up to 4 or 5″ deep. It is important to consider where you will be hanging your shadow box when deciding how deep of a frame to get. A 5″ tall frame will sit much further off your wall than a 2″ tall frame.

Shadowboxes are a great way to create a highlight piece in a room. They work especially well with sports memorabilia, but any three dimensional art will look great with a shadow box.